Project based on microcontroller

Project based on microcontroller and VB

  • Industrial raiser wire temperature monitoring and controlling
  • Home security monitoring system based on PC Controller
  • Remote Device controller using PC
  • Antenna Position control through PC

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Some of them are here :

Ic Tester: This is used to test and verify meny digital ic on bord.

Employee Card Scanner: Use to employee card to mark thier entry and validate also with existing data base of the organization, so that it will not allow any un-otherize access. Its dynamic also,so an admit can add any number cards and remove from the application.

Remote Control Card with Security Camara : Its an remote control car with camara installed on top ot that. It will remotely control from PC, where it will trasmitt the live video from the camara. so control can see live sceen and give proper control to car.

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